Lauren McGill’s Pickle Museum

pickleLauren McGill is just mad about pickles. She decorates her room in every shade of pickle green and has her very own pickle costume. When her teacher announces a field trip to a pickle factory, Lauren is the only one in her class who cares about going… until everyone discovers how delicious pickles truly are. Suddenly, everyone in Lauren’s world loves pickles. But where does that leave Lauren?

A wonderful story about the joy of sharing what you love and teaches young readers that it is what’s inside that matters. Lauren is a smart young girl with a passion. Fun illustrations and great storyline by Jerdine Nolen. I liked it!

Author(s) / illustrator(s) : Jerdine Nolen & Debbie Tilley
Publisher: Harcourt Books
Publication date: 2003
ISBN: 0152022791
Target audience: 5 years old and over

Jerdine Nolen is an award-winning american author.

Jerdine Nolen

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