Tickle Tickle

tickle tickle« Me papa tickle me feet, he call it ‘finger treat' ». Written with a distinctive rhythm and energy that perfectly captures the laughter of a child, Tickle Tickle recreates a game played in every family. A splendid celebration of playing, laughing and loving, this is a striking and accessible picture book with universal appeal.

A lovely story about the love between a father and his child. A strong bond connects them while they play and laugh together. The grammatically incorrect sentences did not bother me at all; they rather give the story a nice rhythm to the language and has cultural value to many african american families. Naive painted illustrations and rigid pages, perfect for babies and toddlers. A must read! Looking for more stories involving black fathers and their sons in children literature?

Author : Dakari Hru & Ken Wilson-Max
Publishing company: Lee & Low books
Publication date: 2002
ISBN: 0761319395
Target audience: Babies

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Learn more about Zimbawean author Ken Wilson-Max

ken wilson-max

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