Nikki & Deja

nikki dejaMeet Nikki and Deja, who live next door to each other and are best friends. They do everything together―watch Saturday morning cartoons, play jacks, jump double Dutch at recess, and help each other with their homework for Mrs. Shelby’s third-grade class. But when an arrogant new girl arrives and Nikki and Deja form a club that would exclude her, the results are not what they expect.

Nikki and Deja, two girls of colour, have an amazing friendship. It was a pleasure to read about their every day live. Definitely the kind of book young girls can identify with. School, girl friends, family, and growing up in the process.

Author(s) / illustrator(s) : Karen English & Laura Freeman
Publisher: Clarion Books
Année de publication: 2007
ISBN: 9780618752386
Public cible: 7 to 9 years-old

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