My best friend

best friendIt’s summer, and Lily spends lots of time at the community pool, where she sees tamika. Lily decides that Tamika will be her new best friend. Only, Tamika already has a best friend, and no matter how hard lily tries, she can’t seem to impress Tamika. But without Tamika, who will be Lily’s best friend?

This book marvelously captures the essence of the innocence of childhood, the difficulty of making new friends and the perks of growing up. The hyper-realistic water-color illustrations are so vivid it almost looks like you, the reader, are by the pool by Lily and Tamika’s side. A very poignant story of one little black girl’s summer. Amazingly good book. Highly recommended!

❤ this book!

*Ezra Jack Keats Award

Author(s) / Illustrator(s) : Mary Ann Rodman & E. B. Lewis
Publishing company: Penguin Group
Publication: 2005
ISBN: 0670059897
Target audience: 4 à 8 ans
You might likre: Freedom summer, the story of two young boys, one white, one black, and the summer when a new anti-segregation law changed their lives.

Learn more about illustrator E. B. Lewis




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