Elizabeti’s Doll

elizabetiA rock can be whatever a child imagines. In this sweet, beautifully illustrated story, a young Tanzanian girl desperately wants a doll to love and care for, and she finds the perfect one, in the form of a rock. This book beautifully illustrates the naive imagination of a child and the love of a mother for her daughter. What is a young girl to do when her only plaything is a rond-shaped rock? When her baby brother is born, Elizabeti looks at her mom and wants to imitate her as she takes care of her new-born. Wonderful illustrations of a loving family living in a rural area.

Author(s) / illustrator(s): Stephanie Stuve Dodeen & Christy Hale
Publishing company: Lee and Low Books
Publication date: 1998
ISBN: 1880000709
Target audience: 3 to 6 years old.

*An Ezra Jack Keats Book Award

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